Here are the answers to our customer’s most frequently asked questions.


1. What does PetArtWorld do?

PerArtWorld has set out to change the experience of gifting by creating memories through art. Our services allow you to convert your photographs into 100% handmade painting across a variety of themes and mediums by real artists.

2. Where are you based in?

PetArtWorld is a US-based company that regularly ships across the world with our artists based in USA, Asia & Europe

3. What services do you offer?

PetArtWorld offers a range of services including handmade painting from different photos, photo restored painting, black and white to color and royal portraits.


2. Do you ship globally? What are the charges?

Yes, we deliver across the globe. $15-$25

3. My order was lost in shipping. What to do?

In case of theft or loss of your artwork during shipping, you can email to us and we will have a new artwork repainted for you to reach you on priority.